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Meet Special Agent Cam Coppenger. He's smart, experienced, tough as nails ... and terrorist's worst nightmare.

Cover - Boundary Hunter by A.R. Moore




When the FBI calls retired Diplomatic Security Agent Cam Coppenger to anchor a task force created to stop terrorist attacks on American soil, Cam reluctantly accepts the challenge. But governmental politics and bureaucracy prove impossibly cumbersome, and after clashing with an ambitious ambassador, Cam resigns in frustration. Yet another terrorist attack lures him back to the fight. Cam’s decision to continue as an independent operative sparks an international game of intrigue that leads him from San Diego to Mexico and finally to Lebanon where he faces his ultimate challenge: determining the legal and moral boundaries by which he operates. As his personal war against terrorism escalates to a maelstrom of hard hitting action, Cam Coppenger becomes the Boundary Hunter. 

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